Dam Inspection & Maintenance Services

Robert M. Ryan, P.E. provides dam engineering services including inspections, consultation for repair and maintenance needs, and compliance reporting with the Massachusetts Office of Dam Safety (ODS).


Property Management Services

RM Ryan Earthworks provides property management services for the Marine Commerce Terminal in New Bedford, MA.  This site is currently in the final stages to begin. RM Ryan Earthworks provides...


Earthwork Construction

RM Ryan Earthworks provides support services to other earthwork contractors such as grading, material placement, trenching and backfilling. We also provide test pit excavations for geotechnical and environmental subsurface investigations.

Asphalt & Concrete Construction

RM Ryan Earthworks provides asphalt and concrete services.  Projects include asphalt walkways to parking lots, asphalt repairs, and concrete walkways and patios.  We are a vendor under Statewide Contract TRD02 (asphalt and excavation).  For larger projects we partner with Ryan Asphalt Paving out of Rehoboth, MA.

Snow Management Services

RM Ryan Earthworks provides snow plowing and removal services for a variety of clients including the Department of Fire Services, Division of Capital Asset Management, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, and the Department of Conservation and Recreation State Pier in New Bedford, MA.

Landscape Maintenance, Design, & Installations

RM Ryan Earthworks provides landscape design and installation services.  Services include Spring and Fall Clean Ups, weekly landscape maintenance, and planting bed installations.   We also monitor and maintain new plantings, invasive removals, and mitigation reporting for Rivers End Salt Marsh in New Bedford, MA.

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RM Ryan Earthworks is a multi service contractor and consultant in operation since 2011. Robert M. Ryan, P.E. is a Registered Professional Engineer in Massachusetts with background in subsurface investigations, dam engineering and a wide range of earthwork construction